We require our Crew to operate in such a way which is efficient and environmentally respectful; crew is the business card of Sirius and Owners’.

Working with Sirius is like going shopping in a “boutique” instead of a supermarket; we can tailor make our service for an exact fit for your company’s needs instead of a ready-made one.Screening, cost-control, annual budget forecast monitoring, support and consultancy activity are our skills, all with a strong determination in our daily-working activities.

Crew management means, first of all, the ability to listen carefully to the people, Crew and Owners, collecting the information to make the best choice in the daily management as well as under “emergency”.
We’re aware of Owner’s needs and goals which need to be achieved through our crew and their wealth of experience while, on the other hand, the crew have trust in us for their present and future security too.
They both trust us and we feel that it’s our duty to find the best way to satisfy both, supporting the Owner in taking the best available decision, showing him all benefits, costs and consequences too.

The nationality of the crew on basis vessel’s type/flag and trading area is one of the main factors to be carefully considered in advance, together with Owner’s policy/knowledge to properly instruct the on-board staff prior their joining.
The crew-training is fully “Owner’s style”, clearly explained to the crew Owner’s expectations, through the Company policy, to create the consciousness of being a part of a team.
We think that this is the only way to make every crewmember on board become “Owner’s business card”.

After a long experience working for a big Cruise Company in 1997 Sirius was born as a personal challenge of Filippo Guadagna in conjunction with Paolo and Cesare d’Amico, managing few d’Amico owned vessels, and began with opening a small office in Genoa and a branch in India too.
Today the Indian office is our Company’s main center for the selection and recruitment of skilled candidates and the Indian structure cooperates with our Manila office and with many agents/partners around the world.
Sirius Genoa, the head-office, is in charge of the selection and recruitment of Italian crewmembers and for the management of all Company’s branches/agents.
The head office states the Group-strategy, its shared procedures and instruments “tailored” for the Clients.

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