Sirius provides full consultancy support to Owners and concrete solutions/suggestions. Analysis and management instruments “tailored” for the Owners are first of all “user-friendly” and available at any time: Sirius’ willingness should always be considered as a support to the Owner’s structure.

Union/collective/international bargaining agreements are, above all, our main skill thanks to our deep and various experience in these specific items, which should be considered as a main-basis to protect Owners’ and crewmembers’ interests.

International/national/flag laws and regulations constantly change, and we strive to obtain the best results working within their contraints at all times, by studying and verifying their concrete application in the daily management, never forgetting their economic impact too.

Global market monthly wage analysis (for Officers) and market trend analysis is carried out to give a shared quarterly basis information. This means having an updated general view and a future vision in order to be able to react in advance, knowing what/how/when changes are to be expected and how to face them.

Strategy for rewards can be put in place with bonus and benefits for crewmembers that are suggested and agreed with Owners on a long service- basis. A friendly relationship and regular contacts with the families of our crewmembers is also very important to support and to know their needs.
Sirius can also offer a wide range of private insurance/contribution plans solutions that can become part of Owner’s policy too.

MANUALS/PROCEDURES CONSULTANCY (Security, Safety, Hazard Analysis, TMSA, Quality, Risk Assessment)
Consultancy for Owner’s manuals arrangements to unify, optimize and share the Company policy is available at any time.


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