The crew-management service is based on the training and career-planning of the seafarers, feeling themselves as “family members” and we trust this grants benefits for all, up to the “householder”.

RACCOMANDAZIONE MARITTIMA Our operations are in accordance with Italian Law (Dl 135 dated 4/4/1977); Sirius Ship Management is enrolled with the Genoa Chamber of Commerce as “Raccomandatario Marittimo” to protect crew and Owner’s rights and duties as per the Italian law requirements. CREW SELECTION All applications for employment received are duly verified, as well as seafarers’ performances with the other Companies. Detailed interviews to verify in depth candidates’ knowledge through tests and meetings are basic parts of the selection process (video conference-call are available for foreign candidates). CAREER PLANNING (CADETS PROGRAM) & TRAINING Cadet-selection from the schools is part of the Company policy in Italy, India and in the Philippines. Sirius controls/monitors their scholastic and onboard performances, in order to plan their careers accordingly. Training is in-house; dedicated and technologically equipped spaces are arranged. Planning of basic/ refreshment or Company’s specific additional courses is also conducted in-house or in local selected Institutes. RECRUITMENT FORMALITIES All recruitment and joining formalities are arranged by Sirius (medical visits, visas, documents, etc.), together with the individual contract of employment. The turn-over of the crew for a proper rotation ashore/ onboard is shared (a quarterly planner of all nationalities is on-line among all offices). The verification of their performances during the their professional service, copies of evaluation notes on board and career planning are instruments giving an added value to the pure “crew management”, shared through the Omnia data- base. All flag endorsements as well as any course can be arranged by Sirius upon Owner’s request. TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS Seamen flights at the best available fares and itinerary together with hotel accommodations at special rates are granted worldwide through our travel agent Baleno Viaggi (based in Italy and in India). PAYSLIPS / SOCIAL FISCAL CONTRIBUTION/ HOME-ALLOTMENTS ARRANGEMENTS Payrolls-calculation, fiscal/contribution fulfillments and family-allotments management are parts of the service of crew management. Local banks agreements for the best available service at the lowest cost with the most reputable banks are available. FULL MANAGEMENT The “full-ship-management” (Crew&Technical) is done by ISHIMA, our partner based in Singapore, highly qualified for Technical management, appointing Sirius as specifically as Crew Manager in every full management cooperation agreed.

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