How to manage crewing activities related jobs on board/ashore.

Analysis, verification and development of supports to improve crew activities like a shared planning rotation, a meeting/courses-calendar organization, as well as arrangements for the renewals of documents/ certificates are part of the crew service. The daily check of all documents of the onboard seafarers and their expiration/renewals terms are also provided to Owners as weekly basis recap.
Probation periods are also checked to evaluate in time the performances of the new joiners, as well as inimum safe manning comparison with actual crew on board and with all other indicators Owners might require to be constantly aware of.

A tailored data-base supports the Owner also for audit purposes (internal/external, onboard/ashore).
Matrix management through the shared data-base shows all matrix data requirements which is automatically matched together and if not in line with charterer’s specific criteria is detected. Automatic check-lists for rank/vessel-type and flag requirements are sent in a weekly pop-up mail generated by Omnia, as well as a recap of all extra costs (whose payment is blocked if not previously agreed/approved by the Owner).
Individual contracts of employment printed though the data-base have fix salaries as per Company wage scale agreed with the Owner (considering: CBA applied/rank, seniority in the rank/superior certificates if any), to avoid unexpected/unauthorized increasing of the costs.

Business intelligence platforms solutions for the top management are tailored on basis Shipowner’s need (for department/single person in charge, etc.).
They are developed for the crew-costs-management (salaries and crew changes costs) and for the Company’s work flows management too (Company departments/ outside partners); all are intended to achieve the best available costs-optimization (for ex.: Omnia, Qlikview, Skelta).

Sirius can support the development of manuals, procedures, forms, check-lists and instructions for the staff ashore and on-board to share procedures to manage work-flows and respect rules and regulations.


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