Cost cutting


The strategy of the Owner is agreed, applied and constantly verified by our Genoa head-office. Offices ashore as well as on board crewmembers work together in unison, sharing the same outlook, giving the best results and real costs savings.

Budget arrangements with a range of options among crew-nationalities and Collective Bargaining Agreements are available, as well as a proper Company wage scale for Officers’ salaries which is arranged by Sirius in order to evaluate and support the best available management.
No matter how the market goes, “crewing” is a fix cost and it’s a basic need to optimize that as general rule, now more so than ever during a global market downturn scenario.

The “Electronic Portage Bill” (EPB) is a user-friendly accounting instrument created by Sirius to grant a correct, quick exchange of data between vessels and offices, reducing manual labour and also avoiding human error.
The EPB provides also to the payroll department ashore a real, updated and correct situation for the month’s closing accounting.

Cost control is available on line through dedicated access to budget/actual/delta information, including all details related to “extra costs” (like extra O/T hours, crew changes and travelling arrangements, etc. etc.) so that Owners are at all times aware, trustful and fully updated.

The proper arrangement and clubbing together of Crew-changes is made possible by checking in advance the vessel’s itinerary, port-calls planned, contracts periods of the crew on board and a good shared planner.
Spared costs from crew changes is the result of our analysis of every single forecasted cost for the requested services, duly detailed in advance.
Annual agreements with selected port Agents can also be managed by Sirius with significant cost/ experience advantages as a large Group.

Our Travel Agent, Baleno Viaggi, and the travel partners we have in Manila and Mumbai who belong to the international network Telstar Group, provide the optimum crew fares available in the global market.
Special “business corporate fares” are also at our Clients’ disposal.


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