All Sirius’ activities are “flexible”, tailored and personalized. The Owner can ask for only one service or all: flexibility is in our DNA.

Our service is to provide crewmembers but not only this.
For Owners with their own crew-department, Sirius can manage only payrolls and family allotment or support the crew-department, taking care of just a part of the crew (deck or engine department) or being appointed only for a specific nationality of the crew.
Sirius can also manage the crew selection/recruitment activity, in cooperation with Owner’s payrolls department or support the Owner in the pure collective bargaining agreements.
A consultancy service for the development of the best available software solutions to speed up and optimize all work flows in-house or in outsourcing related or not to the crewing costs management, can also be requested.
Sirius can certainly manage the “crew-management” full activity from A to Z, acting in line with Owner’s will and his Company’s policy.

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